Meet the Key’s

Meet Kate: 

Lover of grilled cheese and big city public transit. Is completely obsessed with her West Highland Terrier, Charlie and spends her free time plotting travel to new places. 

Meet Doug: 

Baseball obsessed sports fan that loves to golf and spend time outside. Is not quite as obsessed as Kate is about dogs but didn't bat an eye when she bought a Go Pro harness for the dog to record his own home videos. 

Meet Charlie: 

The West Highland Terrier that is the current love of our lives. He's part of the family and team and rocks a teenage attitude. He likes bunny watching in the bay window and is a blanket thief. 

How We Got Started: 

While we would love to say this was a long term career plan, our photography got its start when Kate was attempting to avoid an art requirement in college by taking a film photography class. After that first class, she was hooked. From there it escalated from hobby to business and she brought Doug along with her for the ride. Combining in his video production training from college they started a journey that would bring them a ton of new friends, a lot of wedding cake, and unforgetable memories.