Lori and Troy | Wedding @ Spruce Street Studios, Shelbyville IL


We are on the road again! As we depart for our next wedding up North in the Chicago area we bring you the wedding celebration of Lori and Troy. The gloomy weather the morning of the wedding didn’t stop us from enjoying all of the happy preparations of the day. The thing that I LOVED about this couple was that they were SO relaxed throughout the day and calm in knowing their feelings for each other. The day was full of emotions but not full of nerves and that was just such a relaxing thing. Lori and I got to bond over our love of dogs (they have the most adorable three dogs you’ll ever see in your life) while she did a beautiful and flawless job on her makeup and we were also able to spend a few moments with Troy during the preparation when he and Lori exchanged wedding day gifts. Lori had such an elegant and classic look for her wedding day and it fit her personality perfectly. The minute I saw her dress I remember my reaction being “Whoa Lori.” They had a very touching first look at the Keller Convention Center (special thanks to Katie Koester for allowing us to use the event center to avoid the rain) and then we proceeded to some better weather and the beautiful event venue, Spruce Street Studios in Shelbyville. Renee and her team at Spruce Street are top notch and are so easy and professional to work with. We always love working with these types of vendors because they are always so accommodating to us and Renee and her team are perfect examples of that. The ceremony was intimate and beautiful at the Sunken Gardens and following the wedding the couple attended the cocktail hour. I can’t tell you how impressed we were by this because it is very rare to find a couple that makes this a priority. They were able to interact more with their guests, relax, talk and have a great time and still have their grand introductions. We thought this was such a classy gesture and that it meant so much to their guests that they were able to get that kind of intimate time with the bride and groom. We met an awesome DJ with a GREAT personality named Clint from “Party On Productions” and we can’t say enough nice things about this guy. He was SO easy to work with and I even saw him periodically picking up a dropped napkin, holding doors for people, and interacting politely with guests it was so nice to see such a kind professional in action. Look this guy up, he’s pretty fantastic. The reception had some beautiful moments, touching speeches, and great fun and we were able to snag a few night shots before we took off for the evening. We loved getting to know this couple and spending time with their loved ones and their adorable puppies. Congrats Lori and Troy we wish you all the very best!

-Kate and Doug

(Stay tuned as Key-Films will have a wedding trailer to share soon in the upcoming weeks)




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